2023 Business Plan (Beleidsplan)

This post sets out the Boards plans for 2023.

Cherie Chin-A-Fo

12/12/20232 min read

Business Details:

❖ Statutory name: Stichting Foundation 3iMOOX.org

❖ RSIN / tax identification number: 859487544

❖ Chamber of Commerce registration: KVK 73363839

❖ e-mail: contact@3imoox.org

❖ Registered Address :
Mozartlaan 25W Hilversum, 1217CM, Netherlands

About us

3iMOOX.org is an educational non-profit organization created by highly experienced meditators whose lives have been enriched and transformed through meditation. Trained by some of the world’s most preeminent (meditation teachers), we wish 3iMOOX is a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) funded by donations and governed by specific Rules and Regulations. The Board’s obligation is to ensure that the organisation complies with its constitution and applicable Rules and Regulations.

Our main focus is on creating and delivering high-quality online courses known as MOOCs, which are designed to help individuals enhance their meditation skills and develop themselves in various other areas. Drawing from the most effective methods and practices in the industry, we strive to offer these courses to learners globally through the top open learning platforms available. With a commitment to providing a comprehensive and accessible learning experience, our aim is to reach individuals from all corners of the world and empower them to achieve personal growth and well-being through the power of meditation and self-development.

Our organization aims to promote charitable activities in accordance with the laws of The Netherlands. One of our main objectives is to enhance public health and well-being by providing free education on meditation and other self-development subjects. We primarily achieve this through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Additionally, we strive to further the understanding of spiritual and moral principles and values for the benefit of the public. We collaborate with organizations that offer meditation and self-development courses, designing and developing online courses in conjunction with them. These courses are accessible to learners worldwide. Furthermore, we also contribute to other charities with similar objectives in order to advance our own purpose.


  • The organization aims to promote the health and wellbeing of the public through various educational initiatives focused on meditation and self-development. They strive to advance education in spiritual and moral understanding, principles, and values. To achieve this, they conduct research on the best practices in teaching and online learning.

  • Additionally, they design and develop MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) based on industry best practices, often in collaboration with other organizations sharing similar goals. These courses are offered to both existing and new audiences worldwide, with a primary focus on meditation and other self-development topics.

  • Furthermore, any surplus funds are used to further educate the public about all aspects of the organization's purpose.

Our Financials

All the work and activities of 3iMOOX.org have been funded by donations.

The financials are set out below:

Our 2023 budget includes donations of Euro 5.2K to fund operational expenditure of the same amount. This compares to Euro 5.2K donations in 2022 and operational cost of Euro 5.2K.


We have a comprehensive strategy to promote our courses and reach potential learners. We collaborate with our partners to leverage their marketing channels, ensuring maximum visibility for our courses. Additionally, we invest in social media marketing campaigns to engage with a wider audience. Facebook and various other social media platforms are instrumental in these campaigns, as they allow us to target specific demographics and connect with prospective learners. Through our combined efforts, we aim to create awareness about our courses and provide individuals with the opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge.